Why Custom Packaging is Important

You’ve finally done it. You created the perfect scent. You’ve spent hours slaving, trying to come up with all the smells of autumn. Pumpkin and hazelnut, all the smells that remind you of sitting around the bonfire with friends, trick or treating with the kids, and gathering in the kitchen at Thanksgiving. You’re excited and your customers are too. Orders are pouring in on the website and your candle line isn’t even officially on sale yet. When your customers finally get their packages in the mail, what will be their first impression? After all your hard work, you want your packaging to be as unique as your product.

Using custom printed packaging boxes reinforces your brand and your reputation. If you’re making all natural candles and advertising your commitment to being green, your customers are going to be pretty disappointed if their new candle shows up wrapped in Styrofoam. Choosing custom packaging helps to ensure that your personal image is the first thing customers see. From the style of the box to the color and the label, your company image should be front and center.

The box should be easy to assemble, protect your product from dirt and damage, and ship easily. There is no point in having a beautifully packaged product if it arrives broken. The colors and style should be eye catching, but also project your personal image. You want your packaging to make your product stand out from the crowd, but it should stand out for the right reasons. No one knows your customers better than you. Keep in mind why your customers are searching for your product and what you have to offer that is different from your competition. Simply throwing your candles in a bright neon box might get people’s attention, but it’s not likely to persuade them to try your product.

www.BoxCoop.com offers a wide assortment of box styles. They can assist in designing your box from start to finish. They know the importance of custom packaging and appealing to your customer base. A well designed box is stylish and elegant, yet minimal in design. It portrays your image and the best benefits of your product without overwhelming.

Just like you spend hours designing the perfect candle and perfecting its scent, you should take the time to design the product packaging. It ensures arrival of a clean damage free product. Most importantly, it conveys your company image and unwavering commitment to your customers.